Cambridge International School 200KW

Iraq, Erbil

A Hybrid System we installed for Cambridge International School in Iraq-Erbil , The project is 200KW using SMA Inverters and Lithium Batteries

Bashiqa Wells

Iraq - Ninewa

Our project for wells in Iraq - Ninewa The video contains a TV report on the Bashiqa project (design and implementation of 12 solar energy systems) with a total of 142 kW, the project for wells

Aya Mall 96KW

Iraq، Erbil

We Installed 96KW Solar System for aya mall in Iraq-Erbil in two steps , The system Contains Hybrid system with a big On-Grid system

Teammart 75KW

Iraq، Erbil

We Installed 75KW Solar System for Teammart supermarket in Iraq-Erbil , The system Contains Ongrid system with Heterojunction Solar Panel

BMW Company 70KW

Iraq، baghdad

A project to install a 70KW solar system for BMW in Baghdad using 355W and 370W Mono PERC solar panels, and Hybrid and On-Grid devices.

RO Station 67KW

Iraq, Makhol

A drinking water desalination system with a capacity of 10 cubic meters per hour in Makhoul area. The electrical capacity to operate the station has been prepared through a solar energy system with a capacity of 67 kilowatts The project was in partnership with Doaa Al-Ghasq Company in Turkiyet and funded by ICRC in Iraq

Bazian Oil Station 60KW

Iraq, Sulaymaniyah

Hybrid type 60 kW Three phase system in Iraq-Sulaymaniyah to operate a fuel station with a workshop for maintenance and vehicle inspection (shake test).. Six devices connected in parallel

Villa 50KW

Iraq, Erbil

Installing a 50 kW hybrid solar energy system in Iraq-Erbil for A Villa , The system consists of Hybrid Inverters & Heterojunction Solar Panels, Bae German Batteries

Mall 1to10 40KW

Iraq, Mosul

Installing a 40 kW hybrid solar energy system in Iraq-Mosul for Mall 1:10 This system works in conjunction with the national electricity and works to reduce the cost to the minimum possible and contribute to supporting the national grid and improving the stability of the network

Dlzar Quartz 33KW

iraq, Erbil

A solar system with a capacity of 33 kilowatts in Iraq - Erbil for Dlzar Quartz Company the system is workin on a 33KW ongrid Inverter

Home Istanbul 48KW

iraq, Erbil

48 kW system in Iraq-Erbil for Home Istanbul Company, The system consists of: 6 devices connected in parallel, each device has a capacity of 8 kilowatts 128 solar panels 415 watts each (Mono Perc, Half-Cut cell, 12 Busbar) 48 liquid battery (Tubular 200Ah, 1250 cycle at 80% DOD)

Farm with 37KW

Iraq, Erbil

37 kW Solar Pump System in Iraq-Erbil, A solar energy system for a diver operating with a capacity of 37 kW and 50 horse power

KII Institue 36KW

iraq, Erbil

36 kW system in Iraq-Erbil for Kurdistan Innovation Institute, The system consists of Ongrid Inverters Heterojunction Solar Panels

Bait Al-Rahma Hospital


25 kW system in Iraq-Sulaymaniyah for Bait Al-Rahma Hospital, The system consists of Ongrid Inverters Heterojunction Solar Panels

Central Food Labrotary 24KW

iraq, Erbil

24 kW system in Iraq-Erbil for Central Food Labrotary, The system consists of Hybrid Inverters and Lithium Batteries

Mariam Al-Hadra Church 16KW

iraq, sulaymaniyah

Our project Mariam Al-Hadra Church 16KW in Iraq-Sulaymaniyah Video showing the parts of a 16 kW hybrid solar system The heart of the system is the Gaint HD-8K, a hybrid solar reflector with many specifications and features The system consists of 2 solar inverters, 40 batteries and 58 solar panels


iraq, erbil-taqtaq

The Project is in Iraq-Erbil for Farm, A solar system with a capacity of 15 kilowatts for a farm in a tourist resort in Taq Taq, which we visited after about a year of work

Ashtar Sweets

iraq, sulaymaniyah

We Installed 3000LT Solar Water Heating system At the firts We add 2000 Liters Skylight Type, Then we Add extra 1000LT